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We're the behind-the-scenes support  for freelancers

Why Freela?

Freelancers need efficient, easy-to-use tools that help them run their business. freela offers just that. Consider it a microhub that helps you plan and carry out essential actions to enhance your career as an independent professional.

An all-in-one fast and easy platform

We compile an assortment of characteristics, utilities, and benefits to support freelancers in effectively organizing their lives.

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Our best for you!

Become a professional, boost your work as a freelancer and take your career to a new dimension with the Pro version of Freela.
Centralize your tools, all on the same platform:

  • Headhunting Recruiting
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • Bill Collection
  • Over 100 Perks and Coupon Box
  • Dedicated Freelance Store
  • Banking & Visa
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Discover our membership plans and unlock a world of exclusive benefits and opportunities!



  • 1 contract per month
  • 2 bill collection platforms
  • Unlimited invoices
$0 / per month


This subscription of USD 7.99 gives back way more just in one benefit.

  • Send unlimited contracts
  • +6 bill collection platforms
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Dental and medical plan
  • +80 benefits in wellness and lifestyle
  • 10GB of cloud storage per client
  • Freela exclusive discounts
  • Coupon box
$7.99 / per month


USD 95.88 25% discount USD 71.91

  • Send unlimited contracts
  • +6 Payment gateway
  • Unlimited bills
  • Dental and medical plan
  • +80 benefits in wellness and lifestyle
  • 10GB of cloud storage per client
  • Freela exclusive discounts
  • Coupon box
$71.91 / per year

Our mission with you

We’re building the self-management SaaS Infrastructure to let professional freelancers run their businesses efficiently and provide them stability.

Be freelo, don't solo

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How freela has changed lives like yours

Marisol Jimenez, MX

“I needed something to help me manage my contracts. Freela gave me that and much more.”

Carmen Pérez, MX

“Necesitaba una herramienta que me ayudara a controlar mi negocio en la parte administrativa, y operativa, contratos, cobro, impuestos, etc; que bueno que llegaste a mi vida Freela”.

Rodrigo Orozco, MX

“This is a tool every freelancer needs but doesn’t know yet. I see it as an end-to-end solution to my freelancing career that sets solid foundations to grow it, from finding work to having personal insurance.”

A team for all

Freela fam

Sebastián Guerrero

Co-founder & Head of Business

Rodrigo Yeo

Co-founder & Head of Operations

Redel R. López

Partner & Head of Tech

Jesús Delgado

Partner & Head of UI/UX

Calling all freelance souls!

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