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Effortless freelance recruitment on a budget. For a mere $10 USD, gain unlimited access to our database, AI matching, secure messaging, and more. Connect with freelancers seamlessly!



As the gig economy burgeons and more professionals opt for freelancing, there's a surging demand for professional headhunters that seamlessly link freelancers with potential employers. Recognizing this demand for a trustworthy talent source, we introduce a groundbreaking freelancer database with AI-powered matching.For a mere $10 USD subscription, headhunters can tap into a vast pool of diverse freelancers and effortlessly align with the ideal talent for daily projects at fixed fees.


  • Create a centralized database of qualified freelancers.
  • Provide a cost-effective platform for headhunters seeking daily freelance talent.
  • Implement AI-driven matches for increased efficiency and relevancy.
  • Ensure transparency and equitable pricing for day-to-day projects.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Freelancer Profiles

  • Details: Each freelancer profile will contain their skills, work experience, portfolio, ratings, and reviews.
  • Benefit: It allows headhunters to make insightful decisions during the selection process.

Fixed Fee Structure for Daily Projects

  • Details: Freelancers set a fixed fee for daily tasks, ensuring predictability in cost for headhunters.
  • Benefit: Removes the need for long negotiations and ensures transparency in pricing.

AI-Powered Matching Tool

  • Details: Using algorithms, the tool matches headhunters with freelancers based on the brief provided, ensuring optimal alignment of skills and project requirements.
  • Benefit: Reduces time spent on searching, ensuring faster and accurate pairing between projects and talent.

Secure Messaging System

  • Details: A built-in messaging platform allows headhunters and freelancers to discuss project specifics.
  • Benefit: Provides a safe and effective communication channel, ensuring clear project requirements.

Advanced Search and Filtering

  • Details: Enables headhunters to find freelancers based on skills, experience, ratings, availability, and more.
  • Benefit: Saves time and ensures a better match between headhunters and freelancers.

Subscription Model

For a monthly fee of $10 USD, headhunters will have:
  • Unrestricted admittance to the freelancer database.
  • Ability to contact any freelancer directly.
  • Advanced search and filter capabilities.
  • Access to a secure messaging platform.
  • Usage of our AI-powered matching tool.
  • No extra charge from freela side.

Revenue Model

Our platform's primary revenue stream will be the monthly subscription fees from headhunters. This approach is chosen for its predictability and simplicity, avoiding commission-based complexities that can deter freelancers and headhunters.

Security & Privacy

We prioritize user data protection:
  • End-to-end encryption for messages.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Regular security audits to prevent breaches.


The proposed freelancers' database aims to simplify the connection between headhunters and freelancers, offering a reliable, cost-effective, and straightforward solution for daily project hiring. With an affordable subscription fee, headhunters can efficiently navigate the freelance landscape ensuring they find the right talent for their projects swiftly.

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